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For a complete service we can supply Cranes, Transport, Tight Access Forklifts and Fitters

Welcome to Machinery Relocations & Factory Removal Tight Access

From a humble start-up in 1991 Machinery Transfers & Relocations has had many success stories. In recent times these include:

  • Dismantling involvement of the 2000 Australian Olympic Village at Homebush
  • Transport and installation of machinery at IMAX theatre Darling Harbour
  • Removal of multiple plant room equipment from the Convent on Centre at Darling Harbour

We have a proven track record on small & large jobs. You can be rest assured that when we do your work, we have all the bases covered in all areas of:

  • Machinery relocation
  • Plant & equipment removal
  • Container packing
  • Factory moving
  • Plant room & restricted access
  • Cranes & forklifts
  • All machinery work

2 specialty lift cranes with on/off road capacity.

As shown here, we have available two special lift cranes with on/off road capacity for proven work in engineering & machinery deconstruction, but not limited to these areas only.

Cranes for Machinery & Plant Removal

At Machinery Transfers & Relocations we have available a variety of cranes to suit a large cross section of industry needs. Together with our industry partners we are able to supply a large amount of available craneage.

These are just a few, but not limited to:

  •   Low loader crane truck combination
  •   Table top crane truck
  •   Off road crawler crane
  •   Pick & Carry 4wd Franna
  •   Factory crawler crane with restricted access
Low loader crane truck
Off road crawler crane

Recent projects of Machinery & Plant Removal

We're asked to relocate all sorts of wonderfull things. Christmas 2013 marks the end of our dismantling project at the Sydney Convention Centre

Some Photos of Our Project