Privacy & Terms

Customer privacy and confidentiality is something that Machinary Transfers & Relocations is very stringent about. Our privacy policy elaborately describes what the measurements are that we follow to collect and maintain the private details that are given by the customers voluntarily.
All the viewers and customers are requested to go through the company Privacy Policy in details so that they can understand the using norms in details.

Information that we collect

In this age of globalization it is very important to provide advanced and latest services and techniques to the customers in order to make them avail the best solutions of all their issues. Collecting a few details has become so very important to provide customized solutions that we have designed our privacy policy as per that.

There are a few details that we find helpful and important to provide the service that you need. Below are the details of some information that we collect voluntarily from the customers.

  • Name
  • Contact no.
  • Mail id
  • Address

These are some of the basic details that we collect from the customers. In some special instances, depending on the specific service we collect some others details.

Keeping and maintaining the details

We follow strict some strict guidelines in order to protect the privacy of the customers. Sharing is one of the prime concerns about the details. Machinary Transfers & Relocations doesn’t share the customer details with anybody. Only a few selected officials have the access to these details and we do not share the details with any third party for any promotional purposes.

All the information is stored in our secured database and that is regularly updated and scanned to prevent malware attacks. The details are automatically removed from the system after a certain period of time.